Python/Django, PostgreSQL Support & Kong Manager

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Since our launch demand for Python support is high. We are proud to announce support for Python and PostgreSQL. We are also releasing a new tool for Kong API Gateway, making your API management process easier.

Python / Django REST API Generation

python_djangoUntil now we lacked Python support. Our team worked hard to bring support for Python 3.5 / Django 1.9. We use Django Rest Framework to generate endpoints as well as add Swagger API documentation to project.

Currently our Python support is on Beta and only MySQL & PostgreSQL is supported. We’ll be upgrading features of Python / Django module.


PostgreSQL Support

postgresqlPostgreSQL joins MySQL and MongoDB in our supported datasources list. Our new Python code fully supports PostgreSQL datasources.


Kong Manager

Kong Manager

We are excited to announce a web based manager for Kong API Gateway from Mashape. We started using Kong couple of months back in our Sandbox API hosting feature.

So we decided to build a web based Kong admin manager to manage API’s easier than ever with a few clicks. Click for details


Our team is working day & night to bring you new features. If you need something, simply hit up Help bubble and write to us! Exciting announcement on Chatbot Communication API is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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