Google Cloud SQL MySQL Connection for API Plug

GoogleCloudSQL Google Cloud Platform combines lots of cloud services such as Cloud SQL. If you are planning to use Google Cloud SQL as a MySQL provider you can link your db to API Plug with the instructions below.

First you need to choose an instance type. Second Generation provides more performance and capacity then first generation.

After choosing instance type define an instance ID and Machine type depending on your project needs.


When you have created your MySQL instance you need to authorize servers who is going to connect your database. API Plug needs to connect your database to fetch table structures so you need to authorize API Plug servers. On instance edit page open “Access Control” tab.


Click on the “Add item” button and fill “” as API Plug IP address.


Then click on the save button and you will see APIPlug IP address on Authorized Networks screen.


Also if you have not set users or not changed your root MySQL user you can use “Users” tab for these settings.

Then when you return to your Google Cloud SQL Dashboard you will see your instance details such as IP address of your MySQL database like below.


Copy the provided IP address for your instance.(In place of AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD you IP address will appear)

Login to your API Plug panel Data page and click to “Link Your DB” button. Then you need to fill details like below;


Thats all, then you can click to “Save & Connect to DB” button to continue generation of your API connected to Google Cloud SQL MySQL instance.

If you are ready click here to generate your REST API‘s with API Plug now!

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