MongoDB Connection for API Plug

composeCompose is a Database as a Service company that provides you cloud databases with different technologies. If you are planning to use Compose for your MongoDB provider you can link your db to API Plug with the instructions below.

After logging into your Compose account if you don’t have you need to create a MongoDB instance and a database. Then open “Admin” tab on your db settings page. You will see your connection string like below; MongoDB Connection String for API Plug MongoDB Connection String for API Plug

Copy the provided URL for your instance.(XX will be different in your settings and YYYYY will be your db port number)

Login to your API Plug panel Data page and click to “Link Your DB” button. Then you need to fill details like below;

API Plug DB Link Settings for Compose

Thats all, then you can click to “Save & Connect to DB” button to continue generation of your API connected to MongoDB instance.

If you are ready click here to generate your REST API‘s with API Plug now!



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