Moving out from Parse to your own backend stack

parsetoapiplugParse was one the biggest and successful mBaaS solutions on the market. They bid us farewell last month, and  they decided to shutdown Parse service on January 28, 2017. As you can see on social media, developers using Parse for their mobile backend trying to find alternatives of that service.

There are two main options in this case:

  1. Moving to another hosted mBaaS solution
  2. Moving to your own Backend Stack

Moving to another hosted solution looks easiest way for most of the developers. There are plenty of these BaaS providers on the market and new ones are launching after Parse shutdown. No one knows that one day same thing could happen to these providers too.

As a team we always believed in ownership of critical components. With emergence of affordable platforms like DigitalOcean, Heroku, Azure and Amazon AWS, there is no reason to hold back from hosting and owning your own Data & API stack.


Options for moving to your own stack?

There are 3 options to own your own stack:

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