API Plug Sandbox Environment Launched!

apiplug_sandboxHey All,
Today we are launching our new feature Sandbox Hosting for API’s. This means that you don’t need to set up your server during your development period any more.

You can use our Sandbox environment as a cloud solution for testing your API’s.

Currently Sandbox environment is only available for NodeJS deployments and not available for sample databases. You need to link or upload schema of your own database.

Once you have generated your API source code click to the Sandbox button on left menu. You can select a unique address for your hosted API.


Continue by clicking “Deploy API” button. Your hosted API environment will be prepared and get live in a minute.


Then you can enable authentication. We will be imposing a rate limit for sandbox environment, and we made sure that limit is high enough to allow you fully test your apps and services.

Reach out using [email protected] if you need a higher limit and please give us feedback to improve our service.

Now you could start using API Plug and create your API Sandbox.


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