API Plug Now Supports Pagination and Data Relations

API Plug UpdatesHi Everyone,
Last week we have done various feature updates and bug fixes to API Plug.

And now it supports pagination on your listing API endpoints and join multiple datasources.

Data Relations

API Plug Join TablesAPI Plug now supports data relations. This allows you to add multiple tables/documents in one endpoint and create relations via user interface.

To add a new relation you just go to “Data Source” tab in endpoint design screen and select your related table with its related fields and thats all.


API Plug Pagination

Pagination allows you to define limit and offset values on your listing endpoints. To enable pagination, open “Pagination” tab in endpoint design screen and enter your item count per page. It will automatically update source code and add new input variables.

More features that your are going to love are coming up, keep following us 🙂

If you still haven’t created your API project click here to start using API Plug now.


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