API Plug loves Laravel!

apiplug_php_laravelHi Everyone,
We have great news. You asked and we listened! (as we always do) ­čÖé

We have got lots of requests about getting output in PHP as an addition to Node.JS. And now API Plug generates and supports Laravel 4.2 projects.

PHP & Laravel Support

API Plug now lets you to create PHP Laravel REST API’s in a few clicks. You can make a selection on Generate tab and get deployment instructions.

Generate options for Laravel

Customise Which Endpoints to Generate

API Plug now allows you to select which endpoints to generate. By selecting this option on “Datasource” Tab, you’ll get a finer control on endpoint generation and save time.

select autogenerate endpoints

You can also come back to this screen by clicking on your datasource and add/remove endpoints with a few clicks. Perfect for rolling out a new version or adding new functionality to already existing API.

edit apiplug datasource

We are committed to bring at least one major update every week. You feel that we need a feature/datasource/programming language to make your life easy? Share it with us on comments or via [email protected]

If you still haven’t┬ácreated┬áyour API project┬áclick here to start using API Plug now.

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