API PLUG Launch!

API Plug LaunchHello Everyone,

After months of testing and adding features requested by you, we are ready move out of beta. Feb 1, 2016 will mark API Plug’s official launch.



New Features

  • Update Datasource
    We know that software projects are every evolving mechanisms and added “Update Datasource” functionality. It automatically generates a Diff for every element and gives you total control and what gets updated. Coupled with our versioning system, it enables you to evolve your API on-the-fly.
  • Custom Query & Advanced Editor
    With a new tab for each endpoint, you can customise and change it’s functionality. This feature will cater to your specific needs.
  • Deploy Directly to DigitalOcean + DO Credits
    We’ve partnered with DigitalOcean to give new DO users $25 worth of credit. That is 5 months on their smallest droplet. We also implemented a new deployment option that enables to you deploy directly into your own droplet.

Coming Soon

  • Authentication & User Management
    This feature is highly requested by you, and we’re giving it top priority on our development road map. We expect to release a beta version shortly. It will support OTP, basic and oAuth2 authentication, as well as rate limiting and access control lists.
  • Python and Ruby Support for Code Generation
    We’re expanding our supported stack list with python and ruby support.
  • PostgreSQL Datasource Support
    Coming very very soon
  • Surprise Feature

As always, send us a note on [email protected] if you request a feature or if you just want to say hi. We love feedback and hearing from you.

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Stay tuned for exciting developments on API Plug.



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